barry mackAbout fifteen years ago perhaps more my wife and I got an invitation to a function at the Irish Consul Generals consulate in Sydney. It was on a Friday night and we met some old friends and made some new friends as well. The night was low keyed informative as well as friendly and entertaining and we felt like we belonged in the gathering.

As the night went on a man stood up at the front of the crowd and started singing Sean South From Garryowen a well known Irish Republician song. The voice sounded very familiar and I decided to introduce myself to the singer. Michael Smullen was his name and along with Vince Murray they did a radio show on Saturday morning hence the voice that sounded so familiar was his. Michael and I hit it off right away and he invited me to go into the studio the very next morning and have a look at the show and maybe read something. Well from this time on I was hooked to radio and eventually when Vince Murray decided to retire I took on the show and the name Ireland Calling continued.

During this time I met many people including entertainers who might happen to be touring at the time and wished to talk about his or hers career etc. Radio is an amazing media and more popular than ever despite all the new technology that forever invades our lives and space.

The immediacy of live radio is a hell of a buzz and whatever comment one makes is out there never to be retrieved. Over the years I have managed to show some people the ropes in radio and am pleased to see a few are still active working and doing a great job. Radio is indeed a demanding experience requiring will power, dedication and above all love what you do and you will do it well.

north side logoOver the past few years I have been lucky enough to work on several radio and gained many a valuable lesson. There are many characters in this media area good hard working people who care about their communities and wish to keep them in the groove so to speak. We are I think addicted perhaps to radio. We realise this when we are away from it for a break and a gap happens that only broadcasting live can fix. Northside Radio is now my radio home so do please come and join in for nothing but live radio, faults, jokes, comments, information, music ,and whatever else comes up at the time.

Happy listening from Barry Mack,s Music Mix Fridays 12 noon until 2pm be there or be square.